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The India’s leading art and design focused maker of personal accessories and home decor.  Choose one of our product lines to see our incredible collections  of art & our stylish designs.

Daily Objects has amazing designer cases available for almost every really popular phone in India. There are designs for everyone and no matter what your personal sense of style or personality, there’s definitely a Daily Objects designer phone cases that is perfect for you. Some designs though, are just so classic that we think anyone will love them and almost anyone can carry them off. These designs are timeless rather than trendy and more classy & stylish rather than fashionable at the moment.

If you are looking for a cases that is sure to keep looking interesting for a long time and one that will get you compliments from almost everyone who sees it, these cases are the ones to go for.

Not only are these cases our favorites but they are also extremely popular with our customers because they remain favorites even though some of them have been around for a long time. Also, even though these cases are our favorites iPhone cases, they are available for more than a hundred different phone models in India. So no matter what phone you have, there’s a very good chance these cases are available for it.

It,s my opinion:-Blue is perhaps our favorite colors and this Inked Blue case is an interesting yet understated design that combines dozens of blue hues into something truly beautiful!



India is a country with dissimilar seasons, cultures, traditions and even shopping manner. Every buyer has a different-different demands. But price is all that matters while for the all rest, quality is of utmost importance. From students, looking for the right budgets phone to a professional wanting to multi-task office and personal work, every need has to be taken into consideration to create the most beneficial offers. ShoppingSamrat proves to be a great advertising tool to reach the right customer at the right time with its large base of varied audience. And we are now pleased to announce new rich targeting options for advertisers on our platform. Optimal targeting in ads is a win-win for customers and advertisers. It improves ad relevance and hence improves customer experience and ROI on ad spend.











How Is It Useful For You?

Brands invest on digital to reach the relevant audience at the right point of time. Top brand advertisers in the market can benefit a lot from contextual and behavioral targeting. Some examples are:-

Mobile phone brands – One of the primary objectives for top mobile phone brands is to get customers to upgrade their mobile phones. While  shoppingSamrat works great as a channel of sales, having the right targeting opportunities creates a possibility for us to make a dent in BAU months when there are no sale events to boost numbers.

Laptops/Computers – Product lines targeting specific customer types (Students, Professionals etc.) is a common use case for Microsoft where they want to Show case products of a certain price range to students and a more expensive product to affluent customers. Price affinity and life stage targeting helps advertisers during such scenarios.

How Will The Targeting Options Be Used?

Targeting options available in the ad-dashboard will input and edit the right targeting options for a particular campaign to maximize campaigns goals (performance, reach).

Reach and Supply

Reach is the number of unique customers in the targeting set and supply is the total number of ad requests served to them in a given time period. Over 17 Billion impressions were created by unique consumers in the year 2016. Reach and supply numbers are available using targeting options so campaign creators can take a call on the trade-off between wider reach and higher ROI.

Specific targeting narrows down reach as compared to broadcast campaigns and typically delivers higher ROI. Based on the goals of a campaign, advertisers evaluate the trade-off between narrowing reach and wider distribution.

We invite our advertisers to utilize these targeting options in their upcoming campaigns for improved efficiency of ad spend and are excited to unlock the potential of this key feature for our advertisers’ success.

Yours Truly,

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Hello everyone!! Patanjali Swarn Kanti Fairness Cream Review, Price,& How to use it.
I have bought a lot of Patanjali products and they all products quite affordable too but this cream is really expensive for Patanjali brand. This cream is for 399  rupees which is 400 rupees. This Patanjali swarn Kanti fairness cream is only 15 g which makes it very expensive. So, let’s start the review to know about on this product.













Get some Benefites by the Patanjali Saundarya Swarna Kanti Cream,Review, Price and How to Use-it.Mostly people suffer from the skin damage problems or There are many reason of behind the skin damage and it have done so quickly. This online patanjali product solve you all problems related to skin damage.Naturally you can use this skin cream to stop dmagening or lossing or facing skin problems.

Price of Patanjali swarn Kanti fairness cream: This cream comes from 399 rupees for 15 gram only.
Product claims: This has an advanced blend of purified gold along with natural oils, natural herbals, vital vitamins and fruit extracts. This cream provides visible
fairness and also helps to reduce the Blemishes,Acne and Dark spots on face.

Experience with Patanjali swarn Kanti fairness cream: I will say that this Swarn kanti fairness cream is so much expensive, I cannot denied the packaging is too much
cute and beautiful to looked that. The tiny gold colored pack looks so cute or nice. The box is big but the cream container is small.
patanjali swarn kanti fairneess cream review Ingredients:
Aloe vera
Wheatgerm oil
Turmeric oil
Jojoba oil
Purified gold along with fruit extracts
sugandhit draviya etc.

Mulethi and manjistha are the major ingredients in this cream which helps for lighting the skin while turmeric oil will help to cure the acne,dark sport, skin problems
etc. Moreover the jojoba oil, wheat germ oil and chironji oil will help to reduse the moisture and balance/helps the skin to stay radiantly.













patanjali swarn kanti fairneess cream Results:  The Row Meterials are better in this cream and this swarn kanti cream don’t fill like heavy on the skin when ever you use it.So when we take around a little pea size amount.
It may be reduced the skin problems within the a Month and the skin glow and looks a much better than before but have not done anything in reducing the marks, spots etc. For the other fairness creams, we can easily wait for around last weeks, before we can actually see the results. However, in this case, the cream will be over  even before that and then we need to buy another one. Since I have had good experience with the Patanjali products and this cream is no way near to those products.
Even the Patanjali regular moisturizing cream works like magic for dry skin.

patanjali swarn kanti fairneess cream review and price:
This Patanjali swarn kanti fairness cream looks good and feels good when used on the skin and Cost/Price is high rather than other creams.
Rating: 3 out of 5

Buy Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products in Delhi NCR

In the present scenario, purity is the challenging task to the customer. Trust over the products, which are available in the market, is going down day by day. There are lots of daily usable products available in the market that is made up of bad ingredient ex: – butter, mustered oil, flour, masala, milk, soap etc. and these are harmful for human health. Good health is the challenging question for big city people like:-DELHI NCR and other metropolitan city. Now a day people of Delhi ncr are very disappointed with available product in the market except:-Baba Ramdev Patanjali products. Some products of other brand is also available in the market which have good quality but such products have very high cost so it is not available easily to average or normal people.

So, only one faithful brand is available whose product having well quality in optimum price, and it is good for health. These products are easily available in DELHI NCR. The person who has no time to purchase Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products from the shop, they can buy from Easily in affordable price. Now a day has become a very popular e-commerce website to buy the baba ramdev patanjali products in Delhi NCR at affordable prices.

Today, baba ramdev patanjali products demand is increasing day by day in faster manner because, it’s quality is very good and customers are becoming satisfy from these product quality.

Why Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products for the people in DELHI NCR?

There are several reasons behind this question’s answer that are shown below:–

  • Product is based on natural standard.
  • Product is completely hygienic.
  • It is good for health so it is priceless in the context of health.
  • Its price is optimal as compare to another brand.
  • No side effect of this product on the human body.
  • Product is easily available in Delhi NCR.
  • Patanjali product cures the diseases.

Due to these reason Baba Ramdev Patanjali products are purchasing by people in DELHI NCR in wide manner online and offline.



At shoppingsamrat there is done following activity to produce better result to the customer and people:–

  • It providesBaba Ramdev Patanjali Product on demand at free home delivery.
  • It provides availability of patanjali product to customer in lowest price from market.
  • Very fast product delivery in Delhi NCR.
  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Assured delivery on time.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Cod (cash on delivery) payment facility available for the product purchasing.

These are well known services that are provides by inside the Delhi NCR.


If anybody wants to buy Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products onle please kindly visit

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Covers and Cases – shoppingsamrat

As we know that, mobile phone is the essential part of human life. In the modern living life style mobile play vital role. Mobile phone is one of the best electronic gadget, that is being used for better communication among one person to others separately as well as simultaneously. There are so many brands of mobile phone are available in the market like:-Samsung, Sony, Apple, LG, Htc, Microsoft and many more. there are four types of mobile phone available in the market on mass level  that are:- basic mobile phone, smartphone mobile, iPhones mobile, windows mobile phone.

Generally, smarWallet Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy E7 SM-E700 (Sparkle Blue)tphone is being very popular among the users. At present, Smartphone demand is very high in the market and “Samsung Galaxy” is one of them. Now a day features of mobile phone is going to increase day by day. So, communication as well as other activity like:-bill payment, money transfer, ticket booking and many more is being done easily. Due to these reason mobile is “part and partial” of human life. So, safety of mobile phone is also a tedious task for users today. For safety purpose, there are several mobile cases and mobile covers available in the market. But, Samsung Galaxy mobile covers and cases is one of them available in the market to protect the Samsung smart phone and other smartphone also.

Why Samsung galaxy mobile covers?

                   “Samsung galaxy mobile covers” are used to cover whole mobile phone and it gives protection to the mobile from damage or other physical loss. In other words we can say that “mobile cover” protect the complete mobile phone from hazard.

          Features of “Samsung galaxy” mobile covers and cases:–

  • Protect from physical damage
  • Protect from weather environmental damage.
  • Protect essential part of mobile.
  • Dust protection.
  • Give fashionable and professional look of mobile.
  • Protect from accidental damage.
  • Increase mobile life.

Normally, there are no any big differences in between mobile covers and cases. But, there are slightly little bit difference in between mobile covers and cases. Differences are:–

  1. “Mobile covers” cover the mobile completely whereas “mobile cases” cover the mobile partially. Mobile cases protect only essential thing of mobile phone like:-camera, screen, microphone, speaker and some important button
  2. “Mobile covers” do not give well professional look as like “mobile cases”.

From the protection point of view both give same quality. Due to good look of mobile cases, most of the people use “mobile cases” as a protection of mobile.

Hair Fall and Hair Loss solution by Ramdev Patanjali Products

Hairs are certainly a vital and essential piece of anybody’s body. It is on account of hairs help in offering security to the scalp and the cerebrum. These hairs that are vital for the human body experience the ill effects of various issues, for example, hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, split closures, untimely turning gray and so on. Because of every single has same problem, there is an unfavorable impact on the general ability and in addition well being of the hairs. In any case, there is no compelling reason to stress as you can in any case appreciate long and good hairs by utilizing Baba Ramdev Patanjali stuff for hairs. These are easily available in your local markets.

Baba Ramdev Patanjali Products are considered as home made in nature and henceforth absolutely helpful for clients in all purpose.  These are able in treatment and additionally prevention of various sorts of hair issues. Simply name a hair issue and you will get an adept hair item to handle the same. To the extent address about productivity of Baba Ramdev Patanjali items for hair issues is concerned, it can Baba Ramdev Patanjali products are used to avoid all kind of hair problem. Read article as given below for specific use of product for specific purpose for hairs.

Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo

Ramdev Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Shampoo

It is a well-suited item for hair fall and hair loss. It is great combination of nutrition that regularly required for the hairs as well as the scalp. It advances ordinary hair shampoo. Recovery of new hairs is likewise empowered in order to have thick and voluminous hairs. It used to get rid of all irritation and aggravation on the scalp that might be brought about because of dandruff.

Patanjali Coconut oil

 It is one among the best answer for resolve the hair fall and hair loss problems. It has been made up with pure coconut s. The hairs are all around fed in order to fortify the same from their underlying basics. The blood circulation to the hair cells is enhanced by rubbing this oil in scalp. The hairs are made smooth and shinier.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil


Again it is a great Patanjali Kesh Kanti Oil that aides in offering adept quality to your hairs. It stops and turns away hair fall problems. This oil is highly beneficial for scalp. is portal on which you can buy online Ramdev Patanjali Products at affordable and discounted price with home delivery services.


Know the Art of Online Shopping

art of online shopping

Oftentimes Online shopping is associated with purchasing of products from websites by making payment through credit card on the Internet.  Well, art of shopping online was indeed related to discovery of the Internet thereby people could buy different products conveniently from office, home or while using computer or laptop. All they required having Internet connection and as far as payment is concerned many shopping portals or websites provide cash on delivery services too. However, the craze for online shopping India has increased since last five-six years or around so. Meanwhile being a smart consumer you should aware of art of shopping online.

Continue reading


Now a day’s world is moving very fast where all the peoples runs only looks for money, they don’t have any time for their health. They can be suffering from various diseases. So the peoples can who don’t have time at least can take the Patanjali products to remain healthy and fit. All products of Patanjali are so effective for every individual. If you compare Patanjali products with other company product you find that there is no composition of chemicals in all these products.

Patanjali Shilajeet is very common product. You can overcome your weakness with the help of Shilajeet. You can became healthier and reduce the fat. You can use this product in diabetes. Shilajeet available in four shapes like liquid shilajeet the color of this shilajeet is black but if you take this with milk the taste became like a coffee, but it does not cause side effect. It can give you permanent energy and you make your bones stronger. So this product is very advantageous.


Patanjali kesar is another product of Patanjali which is very useful. This product has a positive impact on every individual life. It is mainly beneficial for all type of skin. It can also be used for digestive system. Stomach gas can also relieve with the help of this Patanjali kesar. It is available at affordable price. If you want to improve the natural glow of your skin you can use it. Your skin can also become fair if you use this product regularly. It relieves down every embarrassment occurs due to eating of highly spiced, hot and pungent foods.

You can buy both of these Patanjali products online. If you buy these products you don’t face any problems.

Patanjali Hair Conditioner and Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream

In today’s life all peoples want to live disease free life, for this they want to take products which are essential to keep them healthy. All the Patanjali products are very helpful for every individual. These products play various roles some are used for curing the disease and some help in providing the energy to all the peoples. If you want to buy the products of Patanjali, you can buy them online. You don’t have to do lot of efforts for reaching to the Patajali products. The two Patanjali products which can be effective for an individual are:-Patanjali Tejus beauty cream and Patanjali hair conditioner.

Hair Conditioner-shoppingsamratPatanjali hair conditioner is effective for all type of hairs. It is an herbal conditioner. It may also helps in preventing your hairs from the damage. Due to this hair conditioner you can keep your hair soft and smooth. It is easily affordable; the cost of this conditioner is not so high. The smell of this conditioner is quite good. It is easy to wash off. If you use it for first time you feel very comfortable because it does not leave greasy type residue after washing. This conditioner has become a first choice of customer.

Patanjali Tejus Beauty Cream -shoppingsamratPatanjali Tejus beauty cream is suitable for all the people who have dry skin. This cream contains ingredients which are very good for the skin. It provide immediate glow to the face of the peoples who are using it. It also provides shine to the face. It helps in making your face attractive and in reducing the pimples from the face. This cream can also remove the spots that are come due to pimples. You must feel cool while using. The best thing about this Patanjali cream is that it does not leave a white cast on the face. You can fill your pores present on your face because this cream contains Aloe Vera which helps in tighten the pores.

Buy Best Online Patanjali products

Biggest Online Patanjali Shopping Portal in Noida – ShoppingSamrat

Baba ramdev,  the yoga guru and the establisher of patanjali products has become quite popular across the world due to his products. He also facilitates various types of ayurvedic medicines which are fully pure. You can buy all pantanjali products of baba ram dev online. Thereshampoo shoppingsamrat is no chemical present in all product of patanjali. The medicines of Baba ram dev are easily available in foreign countries, so the peoples of foreign countries are taking advantage from these medicines.

Patanjali kesh kanti shampoo is very useful for roughness and dryness of hairs. It is composed of various natural herbal products. Everyone can use this period for a long period of time without any side effect. One of the most important thing about this product is that is provides nourishment to the hairs. You can reduce the dandruff by using patanjali kesh kanti shampoo. This product is available at affordable price for the customers. It also used for removing hair loss.

dant kranti toothpastePatnajali dant kanti toothpaste cream is also a useful product for all individual. The cream includes flouride within acceptable limits. This Dant kanti toothpaste is an amazing herbal tonic for strong and fit teeth. It provides comfort in the toothache that arises due to various reasons. It is a herbal product that is full tonic for your strong teeth. It is ready from the natural Ayurvedic herbs that have the capacity to give everyone healthy teeth. It also facilitates to avoid the different type of diseases of the gums. It also helps in decaying of teeth which occur due to dangerous germs.

This product is also helps in preventing the various kind of disease comes in teeth. It includes many important minerals and other nutrients which help in the improvement of disease in the teeth. This product is very effective for teeth. You can Buy Baba Ramdev Products Online at a very low cost.

Buy Online Ramdev Patanjali Ayurved Products at

Baba Ramdev established many patanjali ayurved products that are very important and necessary for every individual. You can Buy Online Ramdev Baba Products. Some of the common products of patanjali are patanajali amla juice and patanjali gulab. Both of these products are very effective. You can find many advantages of these products.

Amla juice of patanjali is composed of natural and fresh amla. Amla juice is rich in antioxidants because it contains vitamin C and it is also a chief source of this vitamin. It helps in repairing the cell damage and negative effects of free radicals can also be neutralized with this. You can increase the strength of the immune system. Cell regeneration can also be promoted with this juice. You can also use this juice to protect your body from the cold and various infections. Hyperacidity can be controlled by this juice. If anyone wants to lower the cholesterol and maintain the blood pressure level can use Amla juice. It is a natural beauty product that helps in glowing of skin and hairs.


Another product of baba ramdev that you can purchase online at very cheap cost is patanjali gulab jal. Online Patanjali Gulab Jal is prepared through natural original red roses in a clean and virtuous way. Smoothness and attractiveness to skin can also bring with this product. For every herbal face pack this gulab jal is very helpful. If anyone wants to use this product you have to be followed certain rules. This product is also known by the other name “desi gulab” in India.

Get Benefited by the Patanjali Alma Hair Oil

Mostly people suffer from the hair loss problem. There are many reason of due to which hairs falls so quickly. This online patanjali product solve you all problems related to hair fall. Naturally you can use this hair oil to stop hair fall or loss. The ingredients of this amla hair product are sunflower oil, olive oil, Till Tail, Alma and base material. This hair oil requires a proper way to do a great impact. The color of this hair oil is green and this is not sticky. Many of us using this product in our daily life.

ramdev baba tejas oil

It is distinctive flavored hair oil that provides nourishment to your hair and save your hair loss naturally. If you actually wish to prevent losing hair, you must use Patanjali Amla hair oil. It’s a mix of most of natural herbs. Amla could be a howling natural herb that provides right nutrients to your curls. Amla provides vitamin C and different essential nutrients to your hair and helps in correct development of hair. This oil will increase the potency of your hair and prevent hair drop. It does not have any side effect. You’ll be able to use Patanjali Amla hair oil on an everyday basis to induce fast. It contains nutrients that are essential for hair.

There is no composition of chemicals which can be harmful for your hair. If you compare the price of this hair oil with the price of other hair oil of different companies you find that this hair oil is available for you at low cost than other hair oils. Patanjali Amla hair oil is specially created to forestall hair fall naturally. You’ll be able to get long and swish hair by mistreatment this hair oil on a daily basis. It is a mixture of 4 different oils. Due to this Patajali Amla hair oil you can make your hair softer and dandruff free.

Multiple Uses of patanjali’s Aloe Vera products

The aloe Vera products are fully pure. These are not so costly as compared to other products of foreign countries. The products of aloe Vera are quite famous among the individual. You can buy the products of aloe Vera from all places of India. The other countries people said that these products are very beneficial. You can search out lot of information about the products of Aloe Vera. The plant of this species is easily available at your home.

Simply you can also use it; you have to take the leaf of aloe Vera from the plant. Aloe Vera can be used for eating. You can also use Aloe Vera for various purposes. The aloe Vera is also help to remove the dead skin cells. You can drink the juice of aloe Vera before eating the food. This can reduce the acidity and also to cure the various diseases. If you have any problem related to stomach you can eat it by adding some salt. You can change it into gel form by putting it into sunlight. If any ones liver is not working properly this product can help you solve the problem. Lot of other things added with aloe Vera to make it more effective. This is helpful for arthritis.

This also reduces the swelling from your body. If you want to make your immune system stronger you can use Patanjali products aloe Vera. If you have pain in your left ear you put aloe Vera in your right year after heating it for short time. This is very amazing thing about this product of patanjali. It can cure internal problem of the body. It can also help you to look more attractive and beautiful. You can easily grow the plant of Aloe Vera at your home. Children whose age is about two-three years you can provide the gel of Aloe Vera to them to remove the pain from their stomach.


This is also helpful for the people who are suffering from cancer. Different things are added to Aloe Vera for curing different diseases. Back pain can also improve with the help of Aloe Vera. You make food items from this species. If you have itching problem you can use this thing but you have to add coconut oil with this. There is no side effect of the Aloe Vera products. Allergy problems can also solve out with Aloe Vera. Overall the Aloe Vera is very valuable for every individual in the world.

How effective Patanjali Ayurveda products

The products of patanjali ayurved are manufacture in the patanjali ayurved limited (Indian company) which is located in haridwar. This company is established to produce or manufacture the pure things. You can get the mineral and herbal products from the company. Emami is shorter than patanjali.

It is firstly established to manufacture medicinal products. Many products manufacture by the pantajali ayurved company for every individual. These products are so effective for human beings. Need of patanajli products increasing day by day. These products give a tough competition to the other products manufacture by different companies.

You can buy the products of patanjali online. The products of patanjali ayurved have it’s attain all told the classes of non-public and food products. The business manufactures 800 kinds of products together with forty five varieties of ornamental materials and thirty differing kinds of food material such as mustard, butter, biscuits and many others.

966079763bf5769d1d585ba28d9ed57eID4176 420ba12803fcb92f153eea8ffac4d11cGR00470 755230e8a00569f8eb01a8763fcff4feID4111

The products of patanjali are not as costly as compare to different company goods on the market within the market as a result of they pay terribly less on advertising and selling their goods. 300 types of medicines are manufactured by the patanjali Ayurveda company. It includes the medicine of common cold to chronic paralysis. The products of patanjali are promoted by the baba ramdev.

Some products of the patanjali are rich in mineral and nutrients. There is no side effect of these products. These products are composed from different material. You can’t find any type of impurity in these products.

ShoppingSamrat is portal to  offers you to patanjali ayurveda products at cheap cost.

Buy Affordable online clothing at ShoppingSamrat

Most of the online shopping portals ensure to purchase quality of their products at an affordable price. Shoppingsamrat gives the best solutions for online shopping fast delivery by providing qu2ecc677b7cc5b1050458fe2649a96008IMG_1743ality products. We are Indian’s leading with online clothing in India like sarees, tops, Latest Designer Cotton Block Print Kurti and many more. We provide a hassle free shopping experience by listing the products in our online store. You can easily log in to our website and add your required products in the shopping cart and get delivered as you wish.

Exclusiver Designer Georgette Top

Designer Cotton Printed Kurti

Buy Mobile Phone Covers with at discounted Price

Mobile covers are the covers which are used to protect the phones from broken. Now days it became very familiar for our generation. These covers can make the phone attractive. Different types of design are available on the back cover. Everyone wants to buy good things at low cost; this is also a important thing regarding mobile phones. This product is not so much costly. Different mobiles have different type of back cover. Small mobile have small covers, larger mobile have large covers. Your phone can look classy and sleek with skinniest custom covers. Different types of mobile covers are available in the market like transparent covers, leather covers and rubber cover. These are also designed to secure the phone from drops and scratches. Various type of printing done by different companies on the cover.

a35e811a61deca795df398dfba9f59fa_shoppingsamrat 003fc119f1cf686d1787181b374b2b10_shoppingsamrat 1f5f71dff3e233dec7858105ae51e9a4_shoppingsamrat

3D printing is also created on mobile covers. Replaceable covers are also available on some covers. Some covers are designed in such a way that manufacturer can make a stand which can make you more comfortable for watching the videos, audios and pictures. Cost of cover is based on the type of cover are you going to purchase. You can buy a phone cover from shoppingsmarat. You can buy a cover with fewer amounts as compared to the market. It’s also provides offers for the customer regularly. You can save the money by purchasing the mobile covers from the soppingsamrat. This also gives you cash on delivery option. So keep do shopping for TPU mobile phone case from the shoppingsmarat.

ShoppingSamrat: King of Online Shopping in India!

Shopping Samrat is one of the leading E-commerce marketplace in india. We provide online shopping, Convenient, Fast and affordable price in any product. We provide  one-stop destination between shoppers, merchants and market enthusiasts, that binds buyers and sellers. Every day, we connect you to millions of sellers, products and buyers in a segregated and comfortable environment that helps you decide easy. We provide all product in different brand convenient and affordable price. You can find your desired products more quickly and easily using our user-friendly online shopping platform.

Thanks for visiting and enjoying shopping “ShoppingSamrat Team”

ShoppingSamrat: King of Online Shopping in India!

Shopping Samrat is one of the leading E-commerce marketplace in india. We provide online shopping, Convenient, Fast and affordable price in any product. We provide  one-stop destination between shoppers, merchants and market enthusiasts, that binds buyers and sellers. Every day, we connect you to millions of sellers, products and buyers in a segregated and comfortable environment that helps you decide easy. We provide all product in different brand convenient and affordable price. You can find your desired products more quickly and easily using our user-friendly online shopping platform.

Thanks for visiting and enjoying shopping “ShoppingSamrat Team”

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